Monocle Fayre

The Monocle Summer Fayre 2014 was nautical themed and you knew this because of the army of stripy tops on parade. The fayre was modest but well formed, a capsule fayre. Ambling among the stalls in the sun soaked courtyard was an attractive collection of well groomed chaps and chapettes. The trick to looking ‘in the moment’ was to simultaneously avoiding being hit with saucy hotdogs and enthusiastically brandished boards of green chocolate, while also appearing not to have a care in the world. My well judged smile was placed and set while my limbs swam between the crowd as lithe as silk in the breeze. Summery beats were supplied by a beardy, bopping, bespectacled trendy which were young and fresh but could not compete with the fayre highlight; a miniature petting zoo of orphaned animals, too cute.

Sheep 1 low res


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